Defibrillators save lives by delivering life-saving electrical shocks to patients in cardiac arrest. It is, therefore, vital that these critical pieces of medical equipment are maintained and tested on a regular basis to ensure that they perform day in, day out.   Rigel Medical, a manufacturer of biomedical test equipment, has launched the UniPulse 400, a defibrillator analyzer with built-in pacer functionality designed to provide quick and efficient testing.

Compatible with all defibrillators, the UniPulse 400 is built to display accurate results. The large, LCD color screen will display both test results and waveforms in detail, while the dedicated fast keys and operating system enables test engineers to select the relevant test function in seconds. Ultimately, this means less button-pushing and more testing.

Further, this comprehensive defibrillator analyzer is capable of analyzing all monophasic, biphasic, standard, and pulsating waveforms. With a reliable and non-inductive defibrillator test load of 50? and variable pacer load 50? to 1600? in 50? steps, this functionality makes the UniPulse 400 a strong defibrillator analyzer.

Key Product Features

Moreover, the Simulation Functions of the UniPulse 400 include:

  • Defibrillator energy discharge
  • Charge time
  • Cardiac synchronization
  • More than 40 selectable arrhythmias
  • Performance waveforms
  • Five pacer modes

Rigel’s “Med-eBase” asset management software also allows results to be downloaded quickly via USB, or users can employ the on-screen data recall to review results. Also, the large internal memory and on-board results storage will reduce test time and help work toward a modern paperless system.

Testing on the Go

Rigel Medical officials say the UniPulse 400’s compact, ergonomic design and rechargeable battery “make it the ideal solution” for busy professionals testing multiple machines on the go; plus, the company’s carry case can fit the unit alongside any additional accessories HTM professionals may require, streamlining the transportation process.Finally, with its global customer base, Rigel has also ensured that the new UniPulse 400 features multilingual software so that it can be used easily by any tester or engineer around the world.

Michael Walton, category manager at Rigel Medical, says: “The UniPulse 400 is our most comprehensive and advanced defibrillator analyzer to date. We know time and efficiency is a key issue for our customers—and we’ve designed the UniPulse with this in mind.”

He adds: “The rechargeable battery and handy carry case ensure that the UniPulse 400 can be taken to any site quickly and easily. [Also,] features like the instant digital results transfer, dedicated fast keys, and user-friendly operating system allow busy engineers to work efficiently without compromising on accuracy.”

Rigel, which is part of the Seaward Group, offers free training, including on-demand video tutorials, white papers, and webinars to help engineers get acquainted with Rigel devices. The latest addition to Rigel’s supporting materials, is a free “Guide to Defibrillation and Transcutaneous Pacing.” To download the guide and understand the history of defibrillation, how the heart works, how defibrillation works, and the importance of regular defibrillator device testing in order to keep people safe, visit