Tampa, Fla.-based Rigel Medical (soon to be Seaward Medical) has launched a new electrical safety analyzer in the U.S. market: the SafeTest 99. This portable device offers high-current, low-energy ground continuity testing, with tests carried out in accordance with National Fire Protection Association 99 guidelines.

The device also offers an automatic warning of secondary ground paths, preventing invalid readings. Plus, the analyzer performs electrical safety tests including point-to-point testing, load current measurement, ground leakage, chassis (also known as touch) leakage, patient lead leakage and ground continuity.

Jack Barrett, the company’s national business development manager said: “The SafeTest 99 further expands the ever-popular SafeTest product line with an economical solution to electrical safety testing.”

Andrew Upton, managing director at Seaward Group, Rigel Medical’s parent company, concurs, adding: “We’ve developed a medical safety analyzer that can be used both for medical and laboratory equipment, at line voltages ranging from 90 to 264vac with patient lead testing.”

“We want to make sure patients receive the highest level of care and Rigel Medical is pleased to play an integral role in keeping medical equipment safe,” Upton concludes.