Farmingdale, N.Y.-based Netech Corp. has unveiled the Multi-Pro 2000, a microprocessor-based electrical safety analyzer. The Multi-Pro 2000—a compact precision tool—is designed for the quick measurement of electrical leakage current, as well as power cord ground resistance of any electrically operated equipment.

Furthermore, the lightweight device performs electrical safety testing to the requirements of both in-house and field biomedical service technicians, Netech officials say. The Multi-Pro 2000 will measure: receptacle polarity, instrument current, line voltage, chassis resistance., leakage current, leads leakage, isolation current, and point-to-point testing.

Key features of the Multi-Pro 2000:

  • Accurate and reliable testing accuracy
  • 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and performance waveforms; the built-in ECG simulator allows performance testing of all ECG equipment, making this unit the Cadillac of electrical safety analyzers.
  • A fast print function to save test data and print results
  • The ability to test the electrical safety of all types of medical equipment by hospital and field-service biomedical technicians
  • Measurement results and menus are displayed on the large LCD screen.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

For more information regarding this product, visit Netech.