St. Charles, Mo.-based medical test equipment manufacturer BC Group International, Inc. announces the launch of the latest model of its BC Biomedical ESU Analyzer. The ESU-2350, which is designed to complement BC Group’s current line of ESU Analyzers, is a midrange unit that is competitive with the Fluke QA-ES III and Rigel Uni-Therm, company officials say.

The ESU-2350 was designed for customers who do not require a top-of-the-line ESU- 2400 with its higher accuracy, additional loads, advanced automation, pulse mode capability, etc., BC Group officials say. “Until now, BC Group did not have a mid-range analyzer,” adds Tim Welby, BC Group’s national sales and marketing manager.

The ESU-2350 is a high-accuracy (± 2% Reading), root mean square radiofrequency measurement system designed to be used in the calibration and routine performance verification of electrosurgical generators. It offers a higher degree of accuracy in the mid-range category than previously attainable with conventional electrosurgical unit analyzer designs, BC Group officials maintain.

“As is true with all of our BC Biomedical products, the ESU-2350 is made in the USA, and is designed, manufactured, and supported in St. Charles, Missouri,” says Welby.

The latest features include:

  • Internal load bank with a range of 0 to 5500 Ω in 5 Ω increments
  • Provides for automatic or manual activation of ESU generator during power load curve tests
  • Is 100% compatible with Covidien/Valley lab ForceTriad, FT10, FX8, and Ligasure generators, as well as other manufacturers’ generators
  • REM/ARM/CQM testing is accomplished via a 500 Ω adjustable load in 1 Ω increments

“With its color touchscreen, overall lightweight, smaller footprint design, report generation, and modest price, the ESU-2350 is the premier analyzer in the mid-range category,” Welby concludes.