Irvine, Calif-based Quest International Inc has designed the Solar 15 for physiological monitoring and information management in multiple hospital and outpatient areas. The 15-inch flat panel patient monitor interfaces directly with the GE Solar family of products, including GE’s Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, and Solar 9500, and other patient monitoring products. Suitable for every patient-care environment, including perioperative care, obstetrical care, and high-acuity care, this LCD’s slim bezel and small footprint make it a good replacement for bulky CRTs.The Solar 15 has 15-pin analog and DVI digital input interfaces, audio capabilities, UL 60601-1 approvals, and is available with an optional SAW touch panel.

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Royal Philips Electronics‘, Andover, Mass, vital signs monitor, the Philips SureSigns VS3, has a large 8.4-inch color LCD display and a simple user interface to make it easier for clinicians to assess patient vital signs information. Designed for use both in and out of the hospital, the unit is suitable for general care wards, emergency departments, outpatient surgery, and urgent care centers. The SureSigns VS3 provides easy access to patient information, using innovative pop-up screens, fixed keys, and icon-based menus on the full-color, backlit screen. Software upgrades are quick and easy via the USB port, and patient data transfer is enabled with HL7 data output through an Ethernet connection.

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The Carescape CIC Pro from GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, Wis, acts as an information hub, enabling clinicians to review critical patient data, help assess the patient’s condition, and take appropriate action. For greater flexibility, the CIC Pro can be configured to meet the specific workflow and decision support needs of different types of care providers. The Carescape CIC Pro is built on a hardware platform engineered with redundancy and fault tolerance. Web-based service tools enable proactive monitoring and management of virtually all aspects of the system—as well as other devices in the unity network—right from the biomedical engineer’s workstation.

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Nihon Kohden America Inc, Foothill Ranch, Calif, provides enterprisewide patient monitoring solutions. Standard features, such as diagnostic 12-lead ECGs and multiwaveform full disclosure, are offered at no extra cost. Also included are free software upgrades for the life of the monitor. Offloading some of the processing capabilities to the smart modular cable allows for complete modular flexibility at a significantly reduced cost. The company’s 5-year warranty on parts and labor allows hospitals to control their cost of ownership.

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