When OU Health’s biomed department faced the challenge of transitioning from an outsourced proprietary CMMS solution, they discovered the unmatched capabilities of FSI’s Customer Maintenance System (CMS). Dive into their transformative journey and uncover the profound benefits of a unified system for both HTM and facilities.

Prior to 2018, the landscape at OU Health was fragmented. The biomed department and the hospital’s facilities team, two critical pillars of the institution, operated on different asset management systems. This divergence led to inconsistencies, operational challenges, and missed opportunities for synergy.

Fast forward to today, and the transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Celebrating 5 years of integration with FSI’s CMS, both departments now enjoy a harmonized workflow. The benefits are manifold: from quick, informed responses to governing bodies to a streamlined accreditation process, and a unified, best-practice approach to documentation.

This metamorphosis wasn’t accidental. It was the result of the facilities team’s foresight and the unmatched capabilities of FSI’s CMS. Their proactive introduction of the system to the biomed department set the stage for this success story.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, the tools and systems we choose play a pivotal role in shaping outcomes. OU Health’s transition to FSI’s CMS is a testament to the power of unified systems. The future of healthcare is integrated, efficient, and collaborative. By taking proactive steps today, you can position your institution at the forefront of this evolution. Don’t just be a spectator; be a trailblazer. Fill out the form below and embark on a journey toward excellence.

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