According to an announcement from EOS imaging, the company has received FDA approval of its hipEOS system, a 3D hip arthroplasty planning software based on EOS stereo-radiographic 2D/3D imaging. EOS says the software enables surgeons to use EOS’ stereoradiographic 2D/3D low dose images in presurgical planning, such as virtual selection and positioning of a hip implant.

Developed by OneFit medical, the hipEOS is reportedly the first in a planned suite of software solutions from EOS imaging. According to EOS, the program utilizes the real-size 3D patient anatomical information obtained from an EOS exam to help physicians define implant size and preoperatively visualize the restoration expected from a total hip arthroplasty prior to surgery. EOS captures whole body images of a standing patient in a single scan without any stitching or vertical distortion, according to the company. The system can simultaneously obtain frontal and lateral digital images of any length.

“HipEOS is the first step of our strategy to fully utilize EOS’ unique stereo-radiographic 2D/3D patient data in software tools that will help surgeons plan and execute precise surgical and non surgical treatments,” said Marie Meynadier, CEO of EOS imaging. “We are very happy to have been granted market approval in the United States and to extend this offering, which has received very positive feedback at the French SOFCOT launch in November, to our US users and future users.”

For more information about EOS imaging and the hipEOS system, visit the EOS imaging website.