CenTrak has launched a scalable, cloud-based healthcare platform that automates workflow and communications to alleviate the burden of manual documentation required throughout each phase of clinical care.

The platform, Workflow, uses built-in reporting, which can be used to keep tabs on key patient flow metrics to help identify anomalies or bottlenecks. By leveraging historical metrics to empower process improvements, healthcare facilities have shown a reduction in patient wait times, increased care time with patients, and stronger satisfaction among patients and staff.

“After our start as an indoor location technology provider, we’re thrilled to realize our long-term vision as a strategic, end-to-end solutions company that offers hardware, software, and professional services,” says David Minning, president and CEO at CenTrak.

Minning adds, “Workflow leverages our industry-leading RTLS and location sensors to ensure providers do not need to ask where their patients are in the care process, search rooms, or wait for manual status updates. Teams must be able to continuously measure interactions, such as patient volume, length of stay, room utilization, wait times, busiest windows, and time with providers to improve operations and monitor the impact of process changes.”

Workflow automatically runs in the background and produces major impact by eliminating non-value-added tasks. Key features include:

  • Self Check-In: Self-service kiosks allow patients to check in and activate their smart badge, eliminating registration lines and improving workflow.
  • Patient Status: Pre-configured HDMI stick turns any monitor into a display screen detailing estimated wait times and patient status view boards.
  • Family Text Messaging: Automatic text messaging provides family members with proactive updates on current patient status and care progression without manual input.
  • Staff Views: Staff views display status and location of all patients and provide automatic alerting of bottlenecks and extended patient wait times.

From a single department to enterprise wide, CenTrak aims to optimize clinical workflow in every care setting and ensure teams are leveraging the most from their platform. In outpatient clinics, surgery centers, radiology departments, the emergency department, the operating room, and more, Workflow comes with pre-configured workflow templates that can be further customized to meet the specific needs of each facility, according to company officials.