Sonitor Technologies, Stamford, Conn, has announced the installation of its real-time location system (RTLS) hardware technology at Sanford Health’s Moorhead, Minn, clinic, scheduled to open at the end of April 2014.

The project is a part of Sanford’s real-time operational intelligence initiative to improve care for patients and work flow for staff. Sanford hopes to decrease operational costs, reduce delays in patient care, and increase clinical efficiencies and staffing productivity. The integrated real-time operational intelligence solution at Sanford consists of Intelligent InSites’ operational intelligence software platform, Intelligent InSites’ software applications, and RTLS and sensory hardware from Sonitor Technologies, installed by RFID Global Solution.

After the initial installation at the Moorhead clinic, additional installations will be conducted at other Sanford Health facilities.

In the clinic setting, the real-time operational intelligence solution will help Sanford deliver “patient-centered care,” in which patients bypass the waiting room and go to assigned exam rooms where nurses, physicians, and lab technicians come to them. In the hospital, the focus will at first be on asset management, temperature monitoring, and patient flow. Reports will help Sanford improve patient care, reduce costs, and standardize processes for a consistent and repeatable patient care experience.