FSI Services, a healthcare CMMS provider, has launched an online community that is designed for healthcare system professionals to share how they use FSI’s CMMS solution, CMS. The Neighborhood is managed by FSI’s Customer Success team, which is responsible for ensuring facilities and HTM teams are continuously supported and educated.

“There’s almost no end to the number of ways our customers can use CMS to strengthen efficiency, cut time and costs, and maintain compliance,” says Zachary Seely, CEO of FSI. “We’re proud to offer a platform for our customers to ensure they’re getting the most out of CMS by discovering new ways to use it to improve their systems every day.”

Users can utilize The Neighborhood to:

  • Join groups for focused discussions with customers who work in similar segments of the industry, including higher education, facilities, and biomed/HTM
  • Participate in discussion boards by asking and answering important questions
  • Seek out best practices, how-to guides, videos, and release notes
  • Share ideas for product features and enhancements

“We’ve heard time and again that our customers love having the opportunity to hear from other customers,” says Claire Salinas, associate director of Customer Success at FSI. “The Neighborhood is born out of FSI seeking to give our customers a platform to learn from each other, as well as creating a centralized location for FAQs, release notes, videos, and more.”

The Neighborhood is supported by Insided, a customer community platform based in Amsterdam that works with leading B2B SaaS companies, like FSI, to offer customers an online community component to share knowledge and gather new ideas.

“The Neighborhood has been a good way for us to bounce ideas off other customers, FSI employees, or anyone who has a little bit more knowledge than we do currently,” says Samuel McFarlane, database admin manager at the University of Utah. “My favorite part of the Neighborhood so far has been the collaboration, and joining groups related to things I’m directly working with.” Launched in 2002, FSI was created by and for healthcare service professionals and engineers, offering a purpose-built CMMS specifically for healthcare-managed operations.