RadarFind Corp, Morrisville, NC, a health care technology company offering a patented real-time location system (RTLS) for tracking medical equipment and patients, features intelligent RFID tags and readers with temperature-sensing capabilities.

The tags monitor temperature inside refrigerators and freezers to provide instant notification of variances. Temperature-sensitive materials such as tissue samples and vaccines may be at risk from freezing or overheating, so tags monitor for a range of -40º to +40º C. If the temperature varies beyond a pre-set range, an alert is triggered per hospital protocols and the data is automatically logged in the software for use in compiling internal or regulatory reports.

Tags and other system elements feature a high-precision temperature-to-voltage converter embedded as standard equipment—Microchip Technology’s TC1046 temperature sensor. The sensor offers high accuracy, a wide temperature-measurement range, and low power consumption.