Healthcare veteran Steve Rector has been named CEO of Franklin, Tenn.-based Enexor Health Systems, a new company spinoff from Enexor BioEnergy, which entered the medical device industry with its ventilator technology in 2020 and will launch a deployment strategy under Rector’s leadership.

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Enexor Health Systems, launched last year in response to COVID-19, built a ventilator that can be deployed anywhere. The machine is unique in its ability to treat patients of every age, from a premature baby in the NICU to an adult ICU patient. By covering the entire landscape of patient needs, Enexor’s ventilator reduces training costs and the stress of clinical staff’s learning how to use multiple models. It also decreases the likelihood of hospital-acquired conditions and ventilator-associated lung injuries, which ultimately improves outcomes. The unit is currently priced at $10,500 and was designed to disrupt the industry not only on the technical side but within the value ecosystem.

“I joined this company because I knew firsthand the unmatched quality of the products they created, as well as the process this team uses to uncover innovation,” Rector says. “It’s a joy coming into the office every day knowing that our team will challenge everything we thought we knew about a product or service, break it down to its basic elements, then build something so impactful that it will disrupt the norm.”

Enexor Health Systems currently has ventilators deployed in the United States, Kenya, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia, with interest from across the U.S. and abroad. Beyond the pandemic, Enexor plans to develop additional medical equipment based on the needs of its clients worldwide.

Before joining Enexor Health as CEO, Rector served as CEO of Corizon Health Services, where he improved the company’s overall profitability through winning new contracts and implementing a stringent and systematic expense management procedure.

“Steve is a perfect fit at Enexor, and we all look forward to learning from him, given his wealth of experience in the world of healthcare and his naturally innovative approach,” says Lee Jestings, founder and CEO of Enexor BioEnergy. “Our team is set up to strategically challenge the status quo by creating equipment that works and is easy to use anywhere in the world.”