The American Red Cross Mile High Chapter announces the launch of Save A Life Denver, a public access defibrillation program that will make automated external defibrillators (AEDs) more widely accessible to the public.

The Save A Life Denver program—a partnership between the Red Cross, Denver Health, and Philips Healthcare—will place 1,000 AED units in high use public facilities throughout Denver and will train 10,000 individuals in Red Cross CPR/AED skills annually. Through the program, grant-funded Philips HeartStart FRx AEDs will be available at no cost to eligible businesses. It will also offer all Colorado residents and businesses the opportunity to purchase AEDs at a specially discounted rate through the duration of the three-year program.
The HeartStart FRx is equipped with clear, calm voice commands to alert the responder of the necessary steps to administer a potentially life-saving shock. It automatically analyzes the heart rhythm of a victim and detects whether a shock, or defibrillation, is needed. If a shock is advised and administered, the AED will stun the heart momentarily and allow it to reestablish an effective rhythm.