The Service Solutions article in the June issue of 24×7 focused on an overview of the electronic medical record, or EMR. The thorough article provided insight from biomeds working on the implementation process. One of those interviewed, Derrick W. VanKampen, a biomedical device integration analyst 2 in the IT department of Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Fla, shared this information:

“There are a lot of items that facilities and clinical engineering will have to look at, assess, and complete in a very short amount of time, which means there are a lot of organizations that are going to have a lot of work coming their way very fast.”

The article probed decisions, testing, responsibilities, and other aspects of getting an EMR operational in a facility, and we’d like to know if the article helped you, and also if you’re working on EMR implementation in your hospital. If you are, please share your insight and best practices to smooth the way for those who will have to work on this—sooner rather than later. Thanks!


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