RF Medical Co., a Korean-based medical company serving the healthcare industry, recently received U.S. FDA clearance for its patented MYGEN M-3004 generator and MYOBLA radiofrequency ablation system.

Radiofrequency ablation is used to treat damaged tissue and tumors. The technology, which enables fulguration or radiofrequency ablation, is in high demand among surgeons and medical practices worldwide.

RF Medical Co. is a thermal ablation system manufacturer and the creator of the MYGEN M-3004 generator and specialized electrodes including MYOBLATE. Both of these products are now commercially available in the United States.

“The world’s medical device market is showing remarkable growth driven by cutting-edge minimally invasive technology and its industrial value is limitless,” says Mike Jun, the CEO of RF Medical. “RF Medical is working diligently in an effort to keep pace with the advanced medical market. Improving the health and safety of mankind is our top priority and we are dedicated to carrying our mission as a leading medical device company through continuous investments in superior workforce and R&D.”

The MYGEN M-3004 is a medical device that enables a combination of monopolar and bipolar modes. In addition to delivering radiofrequency energy more effectively, it also supports optimized algorithm modes for use in a variety of lesions depending on their size and shape.

The clearance of the MYOBLATE System is expected to bring another option to women suffering from uterine fibroids. A recent study showed that approximately 70-80% of women will experience this condition at some point; the MYOBLATE system will then be a less-invasive, and more patient friendly alternative to hysteroscopy or myomectomy.

MYOBLATE electrodes are intended for soft tissue coagulation and ablation to treat fibroids in a minimally invasive manner.

MYOBLATE utilizes RFA (radiofrequency ablation), which is a therapeutic form of heat-treatment approach using RFA to safely treat fibroids individually while keeping the uterus intact.

“MYOBLATE is the only radiofrequency ablation system for the treatment of uterine fibroids that utilizes a wide range of approaches, unlike existing ablation technology,” says Ben Ovenden, business director of RF Medical.