Carestream Health reports strong sales for its CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile retrofit kit, which upgrades mobile x-ray systems to help enhance care for seriously ill or injured patients.

The retrofit kit’s wireless DR detector offers immediate access to images used for diagnosis and verification of tube and line placements for patients in emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICU. The wireless detector can be used with a mobile system and then moved to room-based imaging systems to meet workflow demands. Carestream’s software uses a single exposure to display an enhanced companion image with more precise visualization of lines and tubes.

The optional tube and line visualization feature is available with all DRX systems and both DRX-1 and DRX-1C detectors. The retrofit kit can be quickly and easily integrated with GE AMX-4, GE AMX-4 Plus, Siemens Mobilett Plus, Siemens Mobilett XP, Siemens Mobilett XP Hybrid, Shimadzu MobileArt, Shimadzu MobileArt Plus and Shimadzu Evolution.