Viztek Basic U-ArmViztek, a North Carolina-based provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, recently announced the availability of its Basic U-Arm, a new U-arm digital x-ray system. According to Viztek, the system is suitable for urgent care and orthopedic settings, among others, and combines the benefits of a typical U-arm system at an affordable cost for many facilities.

The Basic U-Arm system is designed to allow for a broader range of exams than a standard straight arm, allowing imaging professionals to perform true cross table lateral, standing hip, and table hip exams. Whether a patient needs to be standing, sitting, or reclining, or has physically restricted movement, the company says the system is versatile enough to accommodate the exam. The floor-to-wall-mount supported system is equipped with a dual-speed, motorized swivel arm that allows for vertical movement and accuracy.

In addition to workflow benefits, the Basic U-Arm provides good image quality at lower doses with its 17-inch-by-17-inch cesium iodide (CsI) detector, says the company. It also runs on the latest Viztek Ultra software platform, an advanced imaging software, which improves the overall workflow and allows more time for patient care, according to the company. The software is also said to be customizable, allowing physicians and technologists to preset the user-friendly controls to capture the necessary views to make a confident diagnosis.

“With the Basic U-Arm, Viztek is providing a combination of U-arm performance with the best in image quality that meets the economic needs of many imaging facilities,” said Bruce Ashby, Viztek general manager. “We are hitting a sweet spot with this product that opens up new opportunities for a range of facilities and departments that can now improve workflow and benefit from U-arm DR imaging.”

For more information about the new Basic U-Arm, visit the Viztek website.