After SuperSonic Imagine received regulatory approval to market its Aixplorer ultrasound system in Japan, the company showcased the product at last week’s Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology conference via its distribution partner Konica Minolta. Key features of the Aixplorer system include SuperRes adaptive image processing techniques to reduce speckle and enhance borders and TissueTuner, which increases lateral and contrast resolution through five tissue density settings.

Moreover, several of Aixplorer’s ultrasound probes recently received regulatory clearance to evaluate liver disease, prostate cancer, obstetrics, musculoskeletal assessment, and more. In addition to these probes, the company is also offering Angio P.L.U.S.—a new system for microvascular visualization that provides increased color sensitivity and spatial resolution while facilitating 2D imaging. It also increases the detail of real-time flow information available during ultrasound exams, which helps physicians diagnose cancerous lesions in the breast, liver, lymph nodes, and thyroid.

SuperSonic Imagine officials say Angio P.L.U.S. complements two features that were approved on the Aixplorer system in Japan last year: ShearWave Elastography and UltraFast Doppler. The former technology quantifies tissue stiffness—a major component in identifying malignancies—while the latter element combines color-flow imaging and pulsed-wave Doppler, thus expediting exam time.

SuperSonic Imagine Founder Jacques Souquet says the upgraded system—and regulatory approval in Japan, in particular—signifies big things for the company. “Japan is the third largest ultrasound market in the world; therefore, securing approval for these advanced technologies is a critical milestone for our continued success,” Souquet says.

For more information about the system, visit SuperSonic Imagine.