PCI Medical, Deep River, Conn,  has introduced two new GUS storage cabinets for ultrasound probes. One cabinet is for vaginal, rectal, and general-purpose ultrasound probes, and one is for transesophageal (TEE) probes.

The GUS Storage System allows healthcare facilities to store their ultrasound probes vertically, in a clean, dry environment, as recommended by probe manufacturers.  The storage cabinet provides a constant flow of HEPA-filtered air that creates positive pressure in the cabinet and helps prevent recontamination.

“The storage of ultrasound probes after high-level disinfection has become an issue with The Joint Commission,” PCI Medical president Joe Turgeon said in a press release. “We are pleased to offer a solution to healthcare facilities and provide a method of storage that lowers the chance of probe damage and helps to keep patients safe.”

The GUS Storage System comes in two versions. The CAB-VR can accommodate up to six vaginal, rectal, or general-purpose probes. The CAB-TEE can hold up to three transesophageal (TEE) probes. According to the company, the system is easy to clean, and features a large viewing window and a locking door for added security.