Pittsburgh-based TeleTracking Technologies has announced that it will preview what it calls “the largest array of new solutions in its 23-year history” at the company’s annual conference for its users this October.

The coming products include automated systems designed to speed patient discharges, new cloud-based applications, and a new application intended to fight the spread of infection.

At the event, to be held in Marco Island, Fla, October 26-29, health policy experts Christopher Calkins of Penn State University and Stuart Clark of The Advisory Board Company, an international healthcare research firm, will be keynote speakers.

The conference also will cover “how harnessing the power of data will fundamentally change the way hospital functions are managed to drive operational excellence.”

“It’s been said that every two days we create as much information as we did since the beginning of time,” said Michael Gallup, TeleTracking’s President. “Data analysis plays a major role in the convergence of technologies that can monitor, manage and alter hospital operations in real time.”

TeleTracking recently integrated its business analytics, RTLS and capacity management solutions into a single platform. According to the company, the integrated platform allows hospitals to track patients, staff, physicians, assets, temperature, hand-hygiene compliance, and patient flow.