Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas is introducing PocketPro H2, a wireless handheld ultrasound device developed in partnership with Healcerion. This device is aimed at point-of-care applications in both human and veterinary settings.

The PocketPro H2 linear wireless handheld ultrasound system is optimized for musculoskeletal, pain management, vascular access, and needle guidance applications. With advanced image quality, PocketPro H2is suitable for assessing soft tissue, including tears, inflammation and instability in the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. 

An advanced user interface supports one-hand operation and ease-of-use for clinical confidence in every scan. With 90 minutes of continuous scanning, color and pulsed-wave doppler, a 6-12 MHz range, M-Mode functions and customized imaging presets, PocketPro H2 is ready for use in nearly any point-of-care application. 

The PocketPro H2 is a portable ultrasound device that allows healthcare teams to efficiently share ultrasound images, enhancing patient diagnosis and treatment coordination. It wirelessly connects to iOS and Android devices, enabling image viewing at the point-of-care and facilitating connected care with its DICOM compatibility and integration with various vendor PACS solutions.

“Konica Minolta is excited to add the PocketPro H2 to our family of leading MSK portable ultrasound solutions, such as the advanced SonImage HS2 Portable Ultrasound System for superior imaging capabilities and the next-generation compact SonImage MX1 Platinum Ultrasound System. This addition of a handheld wireless ultrasound further enables our customers to take ultrasound wherever it needs to be,” says Joan Toth, senior product marketing manager, ultrasound, The Americas, at Konica Minolta Healthcare. 

“Ultrasound has been called the new stethoscope of the 21st century and this advanced, wireless handheld unit helps clinicians do more with ultrasound at the point-of-care.”