Zonare, a subsidiary of Mindray Medical International, announced that its Z.One Pro ultrasound system was approved by Health Canada in January 2015, setting the stage for sales in the country. According to Zonare, the Z.One Pro ultrasound system is designed to provide economical, high-performance imaging for a wide variety of applications.

The Z.One Pro leverages the company’s proprietary Zone Sonography Technology (ZST), which is said to provide continuous transmit focus. ZST uses software-driven, large-zone acquisitions, to render more imaging detail with consistent, high-quality resolution and uniform imaging, according to the company.

“I have had recent experience with Zonare’s technology and am very impressed with the image quality and ease-of-use in critical environments such as the pediatric emergency room and intensive care unit,” said Jeff Burzynski, MD, FRCPC, clinical assistant professor of pediatrics, critical care/emergency medicine, Department of Pediatrics, University of Manitoba. “The new Z.One Pro will be a welcome addition to Zonare’s growing presence in Canada by allowing even greater state-of-the-art, ultrasound imaging access for patients across the country.”

For more information about Zonare’s Z.One Pro ultrasound system, visit the Zonare website.