At the Society for Vascular Ultrasound Conference, which runs from August 11 to 13 in Chicago, Carestream will feature its new Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE ultrasound systems. These products are available in the United States, while a Health Canada license is under review.

With Carestream’s Smart Flow capability, imagers can eliminate the transducer angle limitations of ordinary Doppler ultrasound, in addition to visualizing and measuring velocity—even when blood flow is perpendicular to the acoustic beam; because its measurements are angle-independent, they are also less prone to measurement error. Visualizing blood flow in all directions, including axial and transverse, the ultrasound systems make available more comprehensive information about hemodynamics, which aids in diagnostic decisions.

The Touch Prime Ultrasound system receives color-coding and arrows from the Smart Flow technology. Specifically, the length and color of the arrows indicate magnitude, whereas the orientation of the arrows signal flow direction. In addition, the company’s advanced SynTek Architecture provides both enhanced spatial detail with increased frame rates for better viewing of moving structures and the ability to reduce noise and artifacts for better image formation.

For vascular imaging, Ob/Gyn, and musculoskeletal imaging, the company offers specialized transducers. With a direct transducer interface to the ultrasound processing board, users will experience lower noise and improved image quality. Carestream will also display its Touch Prime XE, which can provide frame rates in excess of 100Hz with high-fidelity imaging detail and, optionally, a DICOM package, barcode, and radiofrequency identification badge readers.

“Our advanced ultrasound systems deliver enhanced views of blood flow and allow sonographers and clinicians to gain improved visualization of complex and dynamic flow patterns that may not be visible using conventional color Doppler techniques irrespective of anatomical orientation,” says Helen Titus, Carestream’s worldwide marketing director for x-ray and ultrasound.

Further, Titus notes that the company’s advanced ultrasound imaging technology can help accurately assess clinical applications, including evaluation of hemodialysis vascular access and quantification of complex flow patterns in the presence of stenosis.

For more information about these devices, visit Carestream.