Designed to be “doctor-friendly,” TEAC Corporation’s Medical Imaging Recorder UR-4MD promises a quick setup and easy-to-use concept, while providing a robust list of features and capabilities.

The medical imaging recorder is “designed with TEAC’s core technologies for video recording,” said, Keith Yoshida, senior executive officer of TEAC Corporation. “Our technologies will allow the UR-4MD to provide reliable recording to video systems at medical sites, and this small footprint recorder will bring real ease-of-use solutions to doctors with little to no training required.”

The UR-4MD can capture, store, and share videos and still images from virtually any medical diagnostic apparatus, including laparoscopies, endoscopes, arthroscopies, C-Arms, angiographies, and surgical cameras, according to the company.

Able to support users in nine languages, the device includes auto-sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection to speed setup. An intuitively designed front control panel allows users to record and play back videos and photos in high definition. The built-in hard drive can hold up to 100 hours of HD-quality videos; redundant data backup for fail-safe recording and disaster recovery capability.

The UR-4MD is slated to be on the market in October 2014. For more detail, visit the TEAC website