Three Siemens Healthcare systems have received “Innovative Technology” designations by member-owned healthcare company Vizient Inc: the Artis One angiography system, the Mobilett Mira Max mobile x-ray system, and the Somatom Scope CT system.

The Artis One, for instance, helps technologists perform a wider variety of procedures while offering energy savings up to 20%, as well as an expedited installation time. The Care+Clear package also comes standard with Artis One, which enables strong image quality at a low radiation dose. Furthermore, Siemens’ Mobilett Mira Max—which features a rotating swivel arm—combines digital mobility with wireless technology. The detector can also be swapped throughout the entire line of Max radiography, fluoroscopy, and mobile x-ray products.

Finally, the Somatom Scope mobile CT system allows health care professionals to better address population health initiatives, such as the early detection of lung cancer among high-risk groups.

Hospital experts who attended Vizient’s Innovative Technology Expo in November used reviews to select the “Innovative Technology” designations. The annual event provides medical technology suppliers with the opportunity to gain feedback from onsite clinical experts and health care providers on how their product impacts clinical care and safety.

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