Siemens Healthineers chose the 24th Annual Health Forum/American Hospital Association Leadership Summit, which took place from July 17-19 in San Diego, as the venue to announce an expanded services portfolio for its customers in the United States.

Once available only to the company’s international customers, this service offering includes expanded transformation and advisory services, managed department services, asset management services, in addition to other capabilities. The end result will be shared risk between Siemens Healthineers and its hospital and clinic customers, who will have access to the company’s technology, clinical workflow solutions, and equipment management services.

Examples of these services include a 10-year managed equipment services contract in the United Kingdom that will lead to the delivery of high-fidelity imaging for 530,000 patients at four sites, in addition to an agreement with a hospital in the Netherlands to begin operating six new operating rooms in early 2017.

“With Enterprise Services, Siemens Healthineers ushers in an exciting new era of collaboration with our customers, enabling them to more effectively address budgetary issues and other pressures, and helping them create a first-class clinical environment,” says August Calhoun, PhD, senior vice president of Siemens Healthineers Services. “Now, hospitals and clinics are able to focus squarely on their core mission of delivering the highest-quality patient care.”

For more information about this offering, visit Siemens Healthineers.