Volpara Solutions has launched VolparaEnterprise software, which helps breast imaging providers deliver high-quality, personalized breast screening. The solution uses interactive, dynamic dashboards to give breast imagers real-time quality assurance and performance monitoring. The newly launched offering is grounded in the company’s scientific understanding of breast anatomy and imaging technologies.

With every mammography or tomosynthesis scan, the solution’s ConstantQuality metrics are updated, which means that breast imaging providers can perform rapid quality control checks, reduce costs, maximize staff effectiveness, and provide objective evidence to demonstrate compliance and quality of care.

One customer using VolparaEnterprise discovered that it could avoid purchasing an additional mammography machine because the site’s utilization was below the break-even point.

“As practices transition from one-size-fits-all mammography screening to personalized health care with multi-modality imaging, real-time quality assurance monitoring is more important than ever,” says Ralph Highnam, PhD, chief scientist and CEO at Volpara. “VolparaEnterprise software seamlessly integrates with VolparaDensity and our existing suite of quantitative breast imaging solutions to offer users a robust clinical management resource to optimize productivity, quality assurance, and cancer detection rates.”

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