lifeIMAGE announced that Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven will use its lila InBox platform to collect and share critical diagnostic imaging information, which will help reduce reliance on patient CDs.

The lila InBox receives, manages, and shares portable media (typically CDs) and allows staff members to upload or access patient medical imaging information, and then nominate it to the picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

The company’s medical image e-sharing platform allows patients, physicians, and hospitals to electronically collect, share and view diagnostic imaging records from any facility, which solves the issue of CD incompatibility.

The new system will help increase efficiency in ingesting patient imaging information into the hospital’s clinical information system.

“At Yale-New Haven Hospital, we strive to ensure patients’ medical imaging records are captured and shared as efficiently as possible, and that exams are instantly available to all relevant clinicians,” said Michael Matthews, director, clinical imaging & information systems, Yale-New Haven Hospital. “The ability to load and access imaging information in advance of the patient’s appointment with our clinicians is a great leap forward in improved productivity and patient care.”