The American College of Clinical Engineering is seeking nominations of individuals who have made outstanding and notable contributions to the evolution and advancement of the clinical engineering field. Completed nomination forms and supporting information, documents, and justifications must be sent to [email protected] by February 28. The induction ceremony will be held on June 10 in Austin, Texas, during the AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo.

For an individual to be eligible for induction consideration, the contributions made by the candidate must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Impact: The contribution has significantly impacted the development or growth of clinical engineering and continues to demonstrate relevance to the profession’s continual advancement and evolution/
  • Influence: The contribution has significantly influenced: a.) the work of others in the field; b.) the healthcare industry; c.) society at large, regardless of country or region of the world.
  • Innovation: The contribution has challenged the status quo and entrenched misconceptions with original thinking/creativity through: a.) introduction of new concepts, methods, or tools; b.) removal or reduction of obstacles; or c.) enhancement of safety and reliability of medical equipment.
  • Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted large amounts of current and prospective clinical engineering professionals, clinical users, regulatory authorities, patients, and society at large.

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