A new tool in dentists and oral surgeons’ diagnostic/treatment toolbox is the Soredex Scanora 3-D x-ray system with HD panoramic introduced by Instrumentarium Dental Inc, Milwaukee, which automatically switches between cone-beam 3-D and true panoramic-imaging modes for anatomically correct images of teeth, bone, and soft tissue.

Three fields of view are visible in cone-beam mode, and images can be positioned anywhere within the maxillofacial area. The smallest view is 60 mm by 60 mm, the medium view is 75 mm by 100 mm, and the largest view is 75mm by 145 mm, and resolution is selectable. 

The system features low-dose, fast imaging, and high-resolution imaging, and includes a 3-D software package for advanced diagnostics and implant planning. Through DICOM support, it integrates with PACS and is compatible with most third-party software, drill, and surgical-guide applications.