Delta4 Discover, an in vivo dosimetry system from ScandiDos, provides tools to measure the delivered dose of radiation during cancer radiation therapy by independently verifying all dosage delivery parameters. The system was introduced at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 56th annual meeting last month in San Francisco.

“Scandidos has done extensive research on the needs and wishes of radiation therapy teams around the world. This product has been designed with the necessary technology to meet those needs,” said Görgen Nilsson, president and CEO, Scandidos. Nilsson noted that Delta4 Discover was designed with input from leading medical physicists. “We’re very proud of our R&D on Delta4Discover, and excited about its ability to increase the safety of patients and the confidence of radiation oncologists and physicists in their treatment QA.”

The company expects to be able to launch it in the United States within the next few months, pending finalization of beta testing and FDA approval.