Siemens Healthineers introduced the Acuson Maple, an ultrasound system that enables rapid diagnosis and assessment in all clinical settings. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features are designed to optimize everyday clinical performance for users of all skill levels.

Powered by Acuson technology from the company’s established portfolio, the Acuson Maple is designed to be a workhorse ultrasound system that supports a diverse range of ultrasound use cases. Lightweight, portable, and battery-powered, the Acuson Maple is aimed at emerging markets, small hospitals, outpatient centers, private practices, and urgent care centers.

“Siemens Healthineers proudly expands its Acuson portfolio with the Acuson Maple, which leverages a common hardware and software platform as well as AI-powered applications that automate workflow and analysis to bolster exam efficiency,” said Daniel Frisch, head of radiology and image guidance at Siemens Healthineers Ultrasound. “This affordable, configurable, and versatile system offers a broad range of diagnostic imaging capabilities, with a high level of image quality for every patient.”

Designed for versatility, the Acuson Maple supports 15 transducers and has 25 advanced features that enhance usability and streamline workflow. An integrated battery enables up to 75 minutes of unplugged system scanning. This capability is invaluable in emerging markets with power supply challenges and in clinical settings that require movement between exam rooms for rapid patient assessment.

The system’s suite of AI-powered tools allows clinicians to improve efficiency by increasing consistency in repetitive tasks. For obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) imaging, the Auto OB feature leverages machine learning to automatically calculate the fetus’s age and weight, reducing overall measurement time by up to 24%. For cardiac imaging, the eSie Measure feature uses machine learning to automatically perform cardiac measurements during a routine echocardiography exam. eSie Measure reduces keystrokes by up to 44% and shortens routine echo exam time by up to five minutes, according to the company.

The ultrasound system is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CE marked in the European Union, and is available globally.