DM_pagescollage_imageScottsdale, Ariz.-based PACSHealth LLC has announced new software updates to its DoseMonitor radiation dose management tool, with a focus on non-ionizing data, including magnetic resonance imaging data. Released at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, version 2.5.2 of DoseMonitor, now includes tracking of specific absorption rate (SAR Max W/kg), slew rates (dB/dt Max T/s), operating modes (normal, first level, etc.) and all other available MR parameters.

Additional new features include data acquisition and display of injectable contrast media parameters from any “smart” injector in CT, MR and cardiac cath labs directly to the patient jacket of DoseMonitor, allowing providers to track all imaging related data for all modalities. The enhancements aim to offer a greater holistic view for radiology departments, equipping facilities with expanded tools and data to report more confidently and improve imaging practices, image quality, and patient safety.