Siemens Healthcare has announced its corporate sponsorship of credentialing examinations from the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS) in order to certify professionals overseeing the safety of clinical and/or research magnetic resonance (MR) sites in the United States.

Under terms of the sponsorship, Siemens will for a limited time cover up to 50% of the $250-per-person testing fee for the ABMRS’ Magnetic Resonance Safety Certified (MRSC) credentials for qualifying individuals. The exam fee covers all costs associated with the credentialing for the duration of its validity.

Certification is accomplished by passing formal written examinations corresponding to three job positions, or titles: Magnetic Resonance Medical Director/Physician (MRMD), which includes physicians such as radiologists who are responsible for safe MR exam administration; Magnetic Resonance Safety Officer (MRSO), which includes professionals such as technologists who have a supervisory MRI safety role at the point of care; and Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert (MRSE), which includes professionals such as MR medical physicists in an expert, technical consulting role who may help determine the safety of complex situations. According to Tobias Gilk, a noted MR consultant involved with the exam, healthcare technology management professionals with a background in basic MR physics would potentially be “very well-suited” to serve in the MRSE role.

First offered in June, the ABMRS examinations are administered in an in-person, proctored setting at multiple locations throughout the year. At least three examination administrations are scheduled for 2016. No prerequisites are required prior to sitting for these examinations and, once granted, certification is valid for a 10-year period, after which point re-certification is required.

For additional information on the certification, including future testing dates and sites, as well as a content syllabus, visit the ABMRS website.