Siemens is introducing what it describes as “revolutionary technologies designed to enable fast body magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for all patients” at RSNA 2013. The StarVIBE MR pulse sequence is designed to enable free-breathing, contrast-enhanced liver imaging for patients unable to easily manage breath-holding. The Twist-Vibe MR sequence is designed to enable correct contrast imaging in dynamic liver MRI for all patients and lesions, allowing fast imaging of the liver with 4D coverage. The new technologies will be available in the Magnetom Skyra 3T and Magentom Area 1.5T MRI systems.

Also at this year’s RSNA, Siemens will introduce its Quiet Suite of applications, which covers complete, quiet neuro and musculoskeletal MR examinations with a minimum 70% reduction in sound pressure and no compromise in image quality.