GE Healthcare has shipped 3,000 LOGIQ™ E9 general imaging ultrasound systems.

The LOGIQ E9 includes new features such as elastography and needle tracking capabilities, which assist clinicians in interpreting internal tissue structures and aid in challenging interventional procedures such as biopsies, ablations, drainage, fluid aspiration, and general injections. Other technologies include the patented agile acoustic architecture, volume navigation, and scan assistant capabilities.

“Liver lesion biopsies require targeted precision that may be difficult to achieve with standalone imaging technology,” said Dennis Foley, MD, FACR, chief of digital imaging, radiologist, Medical College of Wisconsin. “Co-registration of previously acquired CT and MR image data sets with real time LOGIQ E9 ultrasound imaging in any plane often allows for more confident identification of the target and the proposed biopsy pathway. Volume navigation with needle tracking—provided by a needle tip sensor—provides real-time visualization of the needle tip, either in an in-plane or out-of-plane approach, as it is directed at the target.”