Arterys has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its Arterys Cardio DL application. This technology provides automated, editable ventricle segmentations based on conventional cardiac MRI images that are similar to segmentations performed manually by experienced physicians.

“Arterys is committed to broadly accelerate the transformation of data-driven medicine through advanced cloud medical imaging analytics applications while always protecting patient data privacy,” says Arterys CEO Fabien Beckers. “This application demonstrates the power of deep learning, combined with cloud supercomputation, to aid physicians in interpreting medical images—eliminating tedious manual tasks carried out on a workstation by accurately automating those processes.”

Unlike traditional medical imaging software, Arterys Cardio DL uses deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to automate time-consuming analyses and tasks that are performed manually by clinicians today. The physician can then edit the automated contours if desired.

These images show the Cardio DL-generated contours of the insides and outsides of the ventricles of the heart. The software then can process a scan in just 10 seconds, compared to manual contouring performed by clinicians.

The Arterys Cardio DL is a  vendor-neutral application and produces editable automated contours, providing precise and consistent ventricular function in seconds. The trained deep learning algorithm was validated as producing results within an expected error range comparable to that of an experienced clinical annotator.

For more information about this technology, visit Arterys.