Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation announced that it has installed its 300th Excelart Vantage™ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. The 1.5T, high-field MRI system was installed at the Center for Advanced Imaging in Roanoke, Va, and will be used to conduct a wide range of advanced diagnostic imaging applications.

Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo™ technology, which decreases acoustic noise by almost 90%, reduces the most significant cause of patient anxiety and often eliminates the need for anti-anxiety medication or sedation during routine scans. In addition, Toshiba’s SPEEDER parallel imaging technology allows clinicians to perform exams in a single breath hold, reducing motion artifacts and increasing image quality.

The Vantage line offers four models: AGV (50 T/m/s), MGV (86 T/m/s), XGV (130 T/m/s), and ZGV (200 T/m/s). The Vantage also offers a wide range of optional packages for cardiac imaging, including advanced echo planar imaging, perfusion and diffusion imaging, peripheral and contrast-free magnetic resonance angiography, fast advanced spin echo imaging, fresh blood imaging, and body diffusion. The Vantage features some of the most advanced MRI applications available in the industry, according to Toshiba.