Baptist Health, Jacksonville, Fla, will outfit its surgical suites with Buzz Digital OR, a software solution that puts 3-D brain and spine images on 42-inch, high-definition touchscreens during neurosurgery.

Brainlab, Westchester, Ill, developed Buzz Digital OR. The operating suites for pediatric and adult neurosurgery feature an image guidance surgery (IGS) platform. Intraoperative imaging enables neurosurgeons to see the brain more precisely, particularly when removing a tumor on the brain or spine, and helps them determine whether they have removed the entire tumor.

Buzz integrates serves as a form of a GPS for the doctor during brain surgery. For example, once a brain surgery begins, the brain can shift slightly. Images from the intraoperative MRI and CT can be taken in real time and projected on the screen to help surgeons map out precisely where the tumor is located and the best way to get there, as well as checking to see if the entire tumor has been removed.

Those images are projected onto a 42-inch high-definition display controlled by a touchscreen, allowing surgeons to scroll through and enlarge medical images taken that day or downloaded from a patient’s file.