A new motorized mobile C-arm from Ziehm Imaging is designed to meet hybrid OR requirements as an alternative to fixed systems. Recently showcased at Arab Health in Dubai, the Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition operates via a joystick and 25 kW generator and includes various safety features, providing image quality with minimal dose.

“With the new generation of the Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition we offer full motorization of a mobile C-arm in four axes: horizontal, vertical, orbital rotation and in angulation. Each position can be stored at the touch of a button and called up again at any time,” said Klaus Hörndler, managing director of Ziehm Imaging. “This allows the operator to access the desired viewing angles and anatomic visualizations without having to constantly reposition the system on the OR table.”

Features include cooling system and automatic distance control to prevent collisions. Sensors attached to the lower edge of the flat panel prevent the arm from entering a predefined safety zone, while an active cooling system prevents system downtime due to overheating during extended procedures. SmartDose fuctions limit exposure through laser positioning, object detected dose control (ODCC), adaptive filtering technology, and radiation-free magnification.

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