Toshiba Infinix-iColton, Calif-based Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) has added a Toshiba Infinix-i digital imaging system to its renovated cardiovascular catheterization lab—a move that is helping ARMC physicians better diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease, hospital officials say.

The installation and renovation of the lab took roughly nine months to complete. In addition to reducing the amount of radiation emitted to cardiac patients, the Infinix-I system provides physicians with clear images, according to ARMC officials. The digital imaging system is also designed to flexibly move around both patients and caregivers, thus boosting comfort and efficiency.

“Every minute is crucial when it comes to a heart attack,” says Steven Fitzmorris, MD, director of cardiology, who works in ARMC’s cardiac catheterization lab. “This allows us to see if arteries are blocked—and the faster we can open them, the better the patient will be.”

For more information about the system, visit Toshiba America Medical Systems.