MD Buyline, a sourcing provider serving hospitals and vendors, awarded Konica Minolta Healthcare its No.1 rating for digital radiography (DR) customer satisfaction for the third consecutive quarter covering the fourth quarter of 2016. Using a 10-point scale, MD Buyline rated Konica Minolta highest in five categories: system performance (9.6); installation/implementation (9.4); applications training (9.6); service response time (9.6); and service repair quality (9.4)

For the fourth quarter of 2016, Konica Minolta earned a 9.4 or better in every User Satisfaction Category for Radiographic Units, Digital and Conventional and the top composite rating of 9.5. “We pride ourselves in achieving this recognition, which reflects our constant commitment to customer satisfaction and making a positive contribution to patient care,” says Kevin Chlopecki, Konica Minolta’s vice president of service operations.

“The journey to exemplary customer service and support begins with listening to a customer’s needs, but continues in other areas from [research and design] to sales to implementation to service,” he adds. We take a total customer service approach, which has earned Konica Minolta MD Buyline’s top ratings in DR following many years as first in computed radiography.”

According to MD Buyline’s Q4 Market Intelligence Briefing for Radiographic Unit, Digital and Conventional, “Customers praise [Konica Minolta’s] AeroDR panels…especially how lightweight and durable the panels are.”

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