Last month, Esaote introduced the MyLab Six CrystaLine ultrasound system at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting in Chicago. The scanner supports a broad range of diagnostic applications, ranging from general imaging, to musculoskeletal and rheumatology, to women’s health and cardiovascular.

Leonardo Forzoni, Esaote’s ultrasound clinical marketing manager says MyLab Six CrystaLine is the “result of continual collaboration between Esaote’s [research and development] team, clinicians, and a broad network of universities, to improve image formation and processing technologies, as well as design and workflow solutions.

He adds that today’s echocardiography labs routinely see difficult-to-scan patients. “The MyLab Six CrystaLine upgrade addresses these challenges by offering better penetration, optimal image contrast, increased spatial resolution and less speckle artifacts,” Forzoni says. “Detailed images are captured with overweight patients, providing clinical confidence even in very deep areas.”

The MyLab Six CrystaLine’s workflow integrates with Esaote’s latest technologies, including:

  • Advanced AutoAdjust image and Doppler parameter adjustment at the touch of a button
  • SmarTouch for quick access to multiple settings and adjustments in real time
  • Protocols with predefined actions to reduce the number of necessary keystrokes

Massimo Rosa, Esaote’s chief global marketing officer, further praised the technology, stating: “The MyLab Six CrystaLine-powered engine represents a major improvement in all the clinical aspects relevant in diagnostic ultrasound scanning. With this system, we want to offer our customers a solid and confident platform housed in a compact design, which answers all their clinical needs.”

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