Konica Minolta unveiled its new digital radiography (DR) system earlier this week at the Association of Medical Imaging Management’s (AHRA’s) annual conference, which took place in Nashville, Tenn, from July 31 to August 3.

The company’s new DR system features fast and advanced Ultra imaging processing software and offers improved workflow and patient convenience. A floor-mounted system, the DR equipment provides benefits such as faster exams, improved stitching processes for advanced studies, and smoother positioning.

With its full console screen at the point of patient contact, Konica Minolta’s Ultra software can accept or reject images—and that allows the technologist to remain by the patient’s side, rather than returning to their workstation. In addition, results are viewable at the tube stand, which means that x-ray exams can deliver increased throughput for the facility, along with providing greater comfort for patients.

The Konica Minolta DR U-Arm’s new weight-bearing stand is only 10 inches from the floor, which makes it easier for patients facing mobility challenges. For example, patients in wheelchairs benefit in terms of image acquisition, as do pediatric patients who are typically calmer and more comfortable when they are lower.

“This new Konica Minolta U-Arm simply reinvents the way imaging is delivered, and we are extremely excited about the many unique and proprietary features it offers,” says Bruce Ashby, vice president of DR at Konica Minolta. “The new U-Arm system offers technologists greater flexibility while providing patients with a more comfortable exam.”

In addition, the company featured ExaPACS, a Web-based platform that provides full-featured diagnostic viewing, and the Exa Mammo Viewer—available as a standalone mammography viewer or as part of the Exa PACS platform—that allows “anywhere viewing” for all breast imaging modalities. The company’s SonImageI HS1, a hand-carried ultrasound system, was also on display.

For more information about these new products, visit Konica Minolta.