AeroDR LTKonica Minolta Medical Imaging, a provider of medical diagnostic primary imaging solutions, is launching its new AeroDR LT DR system at the Annual Course of Radiology and Imaging, February 17 to 20 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

According to the company, the AeroDR LT is a wireless digital flat panel that provides advanced capabilities in a lightweight version to deliver primary imaging. It was designed to maximize efficiencies by minimizing the effects of wear and tear that come with alternative wireless flat panels. The hardened, IPX6-rated, liquid resistant enclosure is said to help radiologists optimize patient outcomes and productivity both in-room and at the point-of-care. The AeroDR LT weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) and has the ability to hold patients up to 661 pounds (300 kg) on a bed.

The AeroDR LT reportedly includes compatibility with AeroSync automatic exposure detection and roaming capabilities. Radiologists can diagnose a patient on the go or in the room by previewing images within 1 second of use and delivering fully processed images in as little as 6 seconds.

The AeroDR LT is designed to help streamline workflow and avoid unplanned downtime. Konica Minolta’s lithium ion capacitor lets users receive up to 4.1 hours of imaging use or 150 images with a charge time of 15 minutes or less. The built-in panel drop sensors and continuous panel handling data monitoring are intended to help reduce repair costs and avoid catastrophic failures.

For more information about the Aero DR LT, visit the Konica Minolta Medical Imaging website.