Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc’s Infinix Elite cardiovascular x-ray system was recently installed at the Paris Cardiology Center, in Paris, Tex, to provide advanced image quality and more versatile services to cardiology patients.

Paris Cardiology reports that the system gives medical staff in their new cath lab the capabilities to reliably perform the most advanced procedures for their patient population. The center serves a region spanning 100 miles from northeast Texas to southeast Oklahoma. Toshiba’s Infinix Elite x-ray system allows the lab to provide patients with an array of services, from cardiac and coronary procedures to peripheral intervention and pacemaker, defibrillator, and dialysis shunt workups.

The Infinix Elite is designed to provide easy patient access, enabling clinicians to perform safer and more efficient exams with a C-arm to carefully move around patients and staff. Toshiba’s WorkRite technology maximizes workflow and throughput to ensure that clinicians are in an optimal ergonomic orientation during any procedure. The system also has comprehensive dose management tools, such as the Dose Tracking System (DTS) and Spot Fluoroscopy, to help clinicians provide safer exams for patients and staff.

Paris Cardiology notes that in addition to the image quality and versatility of the system, the center receives experienced service support, minimizing downtime and allowing for uninterrupted care.

For more information about the Infinix Elite cardiovascular x-ray system, visit the Toshiba America Medical Systems website.