Telemetry cables made by Curbell, Orchard Park, NY, use all FDA-grade materials, from the polyurethane cable jacket to the ink used for printing. No latex or PVC is used in production. This increases patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of biocompatibility problems. These cables are available with various types of connectors, including the Sure-Lock electrode clip. The Sure-Lock uses a patented mechanism that locks onto both resting snap and diagnostic tab electrodes. It ensures connection with the electrode snap; allows 360° of motion, preventing leads from detaching from the electrode; and helps eliminate false calls and monitoring failures due to detached clips. (716) 667-7775;

BC Group International

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BC Group International, St Louis, has a wide range of specialty cables to assist the biomedical community. The company offers cables for patient simulators, ESU analyzers, NIBP simulators, safety analyzers, and other testing equipment used by biomeds. While the majority of the company’s cables are invasive blood pressure cables (mini and large DIN), it also sells a wide range of cables for temperature, cardiac output, and communication uses. In addition, BC Group has adapters for older test equipment. Pictures of each type of cable are shown on the company Web site to verify that the cable ordered is the cable needed. (800) 242-8428;


San Diego-based Bioconnect has engineered a robust, yet very small profile cable to be used with compact Holter-type event recorders. Attached to the patient and worn over a period of hours or days, this cable is designed to alleviate patient discomfort while ensuring performance and reliable connectivity. The new five-lead cable features gold-plated, no-touch pins terminating color-coded, shielded snap leads that are molded into a single, unitized Santoprene plug. This polarized six-pin plug is designed with a unique passive locking mechanism for positive retention. The mating connector for this new cable is a molded circuit board header housing gold-plated, caged jack contacts. This assembly is made to be affixed directly to a circuit board, or can be mounted to the device enclosure. Bioconnect products meet ANSI/AAMI EC53 specifications. (888) 775-2372;

Alpha Source

Alpha Source, Milwaukee, provides a variety of electrocardiogram patient cables and leadwires for patient monitoring, diagnostic, and defibrillation needs. The company offers standard DIN single pin and AAMI twin pin, as well as supplying compatible alternatives for Philips, GE Medical, and Spacelabs equipment. Alpha Source also produces special application radio-translucent and radio-transparent leadwires for imaging, Holter, and telemetry monitoring sets. All leadwire sets are produced in multiple lengths for various needs and come in a variety of color combinations. (800) 654-9845;