I have eight Sequoia systems that have been on a full service contract since they were purchased as new devices. We are dropping all coverage on these machines. If I began purchasing replacement boards from a third party, how is the “booby trap” on the card cage handled?

In the past, Accuson/Siemens had always provided the passwords to get in. Without contracts I’m guessing that won’t happen anymore. Do the codes come with the parts, or must one disable this function first?

On Sequoia systems, phase 3 with software revision 7.2 and above, you can safely remove the side covers without disabling the system. You need to restart the system at least once after you open the cover to eliminate the error on the screen. On all phase 1 systems and phase 3 with software lower than 7.2, removing the side covers will force the system to boot into the service mode each time until you get a code form the manufacturer and clear the error code.

To find out your system’s phase, open the rear door and look for the network connector. If it is located on the upper left corner with a vertical set of LEDs next to it, the system is a phase 1. Otherwise, it is a phase 3.

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