Hitachi Medical Systems America is now offering an all-inclusive CT pricing plan that provides new 64-/128-slice CT equipment and five years of total support. This represents the company’s support of risk-sharing with CT providers while establishing the value of its Scenaria CT platform.

Doing away with unbudgeted surprises and including the support elements needed by most buyers, this program reduces total five-year cost. The agreement includes five years of service with online diagnostics, an uptime guarantee, x-ray tube replacement, site accreditation support, and recurring onsite applications training visits, in addition to other benefits.

Developed to substantiate the company’s commitment to delivering value as a CT partner to imaging providers, this pricing plan combines performance, support, and value, says Sheldon Schaffer, vice president and general of manager of MR/CT at Hitachi.

Mark Silverman, director of CT marketing at Hitachi, adds: “Hitachi’s recent completion of our no-charge Scenaria SE upgrade program, for all U.S. 128-slice Scenaria customers covered by full-service support, that includes all of the workflow speed and ease-of-use improvements embodied in our newest model, is another example of Hitachi’s unmatched commitment to customer support.”

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