I have a Sequoia that used to be on a DICOM network that was moved to a new site. I entered the new network settings but the unit does not save them. What do you think?

Network troubleshooting is always difficult so I will touch on the high points here, but a conversation may be in order due to the number of variables. The first thing to check is the “Feature Control” tab in the service user interface (SUI) to ensure the DICOM options (print, store, work list) are still there. The Sequoia has an issue with dropping these when restoring files so a restore of the “Feature Control” file may be indicated.

When programming a network on a Sequoia, make sure the network you are building or creating is disabled; never change an active network. Also, never modify the “default” network.

I expect you have programmed the network page properly and when you complete programming a device you are hitting the “OK” button, which saves and pings the new device. Is the ping successful?

If this is a revision 12.xx system, the network needs to be programmed in the network utility and the router needs to be programmed for the system’s IP address as well.

The network memory locations may be corrupted as well. You may want to perform a “data reset” in the SUI on your network data and then rebuild the network manually.

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